How to clean your house post-DIY

by Maid King - January 29, 2018

At one point or another we all get our hands dirty with a bit of DIY around our home. It can be therapeutic and it means that things get done just the way we like them. Plus, it works out a whole lot cheaper! Cleaning up once you have finished your latest project, however, can sometimes feel like the longest part of the job; especially when it comes to figuring out things like how to get rid of paint smell or how to clean the carpets.


There are some quick and easy ways to get things sorted and back to normal. Here are some top tips to help you clean your house when you’re finished with the hammer, nails and pots of paint.


Clear the air


A great way to transform a room, making it look and feel new and refreshed is to add a new coat of paint. But, on the downside, the space can be left with lingering paint odours which can be very irritating; especially when you just want to start taking advantage of the redecorated space right away. So if you’re wondering how to get rid of paint smell quickly, try blowing an electric fan with an open window for a few hours, and place a few bowls of crushed charcoal or vinegar around the room to help absorb the unwanted odours.


Clean surfaces


From using an old pillow case to dust away your ceiling fans to using vinegar to wipe down your blinds, there are various easy ways to ensure your household surfaces look sparkly clean after redecorating. Making sure that all the surfaces around your home are as clean as can be is a great way to help your home look and feel clear and fresh at the end of a big DIY project.


Wash your floors


Whether you have laminate, ceramic tiles, hardwood or another type of flooring in your home, it is important to ensure that you give them a good scrub after any major DIY project. Start by sweeping the floor to get up any loose dust, dirt and debris. A warm vinegar and water mixture will also help to clean out stubborn stains while water and mild detergent is good for a basic clean.


Clean your carpets


The only chemical-free way to clean your carpets is to use a vacuum cleaner, however if you want a deeper clean the best way is to shampoo your carpets. You can also hire a professional cleaner, who will be able to shampoo your carpets for you; which will both save you time and give you a better clean as they often have a more powerful machine than those you can buy yourself. Their equipment is also likely to leave you with carpets you are able to use soon after, instead of having to wait hours for it to dry as you would with the hire equipment.


Now that you know the top tips you can apply to quickly enjoy your redecorated rooms after doing some DIY work around the house, get the paint cans and brushes and put your creativity to work!